Sleepless nights? Meltdowns?

Are you dreaming of a well rested and more connected family dynamic? Don’t spend another night awake with your little one. Let’s start counting dreams together.

Hello! I am April Gerrard

Hello! My name is April Gerrard. I am the founder and owner of Counting Dreams Sleep Consulting and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense Consultant. I am a mother to two wonderful children. My son is 5 years old, and my daughter is 1 year old. My children have taught my husband and I many important life lessons. One of which was the importance of a good night’s sleep. After experiencing many months of sleepless nights with my first child, I know firsthand the effects of being a sleep deprived parent and the negative impact it can have on your entire family. Helping parents to teach their children and infants how to develop healthy sleep habits is one of my biggest passions. I can work 1 on 1 with your family and get you all well rested once again!

April Gerrard - Founder of Counting Dreams

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With my help, your entire family could be experiencing a full night of sleep in a matter of just a few nights!

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If you are dreaming of a full night’s sleep for your little one and your entire family, I can help make that dream come true! Did you know that close to all healthy children who are 3 months of age and older are physically capable of sleeping 12 hours a night with no night wakings? With one of my Sleep Packages I can help you accomplish this.

Counting Dreams

(0 – 12 weeks)

Counting Dreams

(4 months – 18 months)

Counting Dreams

(19 months – 8 years old)

Happy Families

In 2003, the Sleep Sense Method was assembled by Dana Obleman. Over the years, Sleep Sense has assisted thousands of families, just like yours, to teach their little ones how to develop healthy sleep habits. After experiencing this firsthand when my husband and I hired a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant in 2017 to help us with our son, I have been devoted to the Sleep Sense methods and I wanted to share this with other families. This is why I became a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. I would love nothing more than to help your family attain the same outcomes my clients have. Here are what some families have to say that I have worked with:

I have also comprised some testimonials from parents that applied the Sleep Sense method to their own children so you could read about their experiences.


I offer a complimentary seminar where I will share with you the 7 most essential sleep tips to get your little ones on the right path to becoming sleep masters.This seminar is perfect for any parent group gathering, whether it’s for daycares, store events, baby showers, prenatal classes or a parent/mom group. I will provide you with some education on healthy sleep habits.